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Redis is an in-memory data structure used for cache. In this blog, we will implement a simple Node.js app that uses Serverless Redis, and also we will be using Upstash — Serverless
Database for Redis.

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What is Redis?

Redis is an open-source, in-memory data structure store, used as a NoSQL database for the cache to improve the overall response rate for most frequently requested data.

In this blog, we will develop Notes Taking App API, We will implement two feature,

  1. Take a note from the user.
  2. Return a…

The current version of Node.js added support for Top-Level Await just like Deno.js, and other languages like C#.

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Now, It’s now possible to use the await keyword outside of async functions.

Let’s take a look at an example.

We will fetch a quote from API.


Download and Install Node.js v14.3.0


Create Node.js project using :

npm init — yes

Now install the Axios library for fetching data from API.

npm install axios --save

Now modify apackage.json file.

Take a look here, we added type as module . Because the language has not fully implemented it yet stage 3.

Code goes like this,

Running this file using node --harmony-top-level-await top-level-async-await.js .


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